Maxi Bio 50 - 300 kW - pellet boiler


Maxi Bio 50 - 300 kW - pellet boiler

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Designed to cope even with the most difficult tasks.
The new line of Maxi Bio is a synergy of ecology and economics.

Maxi Bio is a new line of automatic units, used for heating large size buildings by means of pellets (wood granules).
We know how much responsibility rests on the administrators of heated surfaces, so the whole line of Maxi Bio boilers is designed to work in the most difficult conditions, no matter what time of day and weather. The Kostrzewa's designers have put a lot of effort to create a virtually maintenance-free device for which the quality of the fuel used does not play a decisive role.

The most important designer’s assumptions:
The fuel used in boilers is available at your fingertips.
CO2 emission = 0.
Low consumption of electricity needed to operate the unit.
High efficiency of the unit = low fuel consumption.
Low maintenance needs - co-operation with an additional fuel reservoir and automatic ash removal.

boiler exchanger ash removal worm - can automatically remove the ash * - NEW!
heat exchanger design according to the principles of 3T (time, temperature and turbulence)
three-pass heat exchanger - NEW!
even greater efficiency
even lower emission of harmful substances into the environment
even lower fuel consumption
innovative fuzzy logic 2 generation control - NEW!
it can even more precisely modulate the burner output at the same time reducing the amount of consumed fuel and electricity
broadband lambda probe - NEW!
perfectly doses amount of air needed for automatic fuel combustion
self-cleaning burner
burner fitted with an additional worm, which pushes out the ash from the burner grill
vacuum sensor - safety is paramount
automatically prevents from further operation of the unit in case of clogging or low chimney draft
low electric power consumption
controls the operation of the whole heating system
made from high quality steel to extend the service life to the maximum - a warranty of 5 years optionally extendable for the next 2 years
ceramic chamber - heats up to whiteness, thereby leading to combustion of unburned parts of fuel and gases - NEW!
automatic firing and damping of the unit
cooperates with the charging from a second large reservoir

Maxi Bio is a guarantor of quality and safety

Granulate made of pellets, according to DIN 51731
• granulation 5-8 mm
• recommended calorific value 17500 - 19500 kJ/kg
• ash content max. 0.5% i.e. 600 to 700 kg per cubic metre
• max. moisture 12 %
• specific gravity (density) 1.0 – 1.4 kg/dm3!Products-Maxi_Bio

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