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#1 2018-06-02 12:49:16

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Network and internet connection problems


I carefully followed the instructions and connected a 2wire modem/router to Ooma Modem port and Ooma Home to my PC1. Everything worked except I had problems accessing my 2wire setup pages from my PC1. I have another PC (PC2) connected to another port on the 2wire and a laptop that connects via the WiFi. PC2 and the laptop had no connectivity issues. So I decided I did not need to access the Ooma setup and moved my PC1 connection directly to the 2wire. After I did this I found that I had some internet connection problems where my internet connection to PC1 was intermittant. A download would download for about 5 seconds and stop for about a minute over and over. When I unplugged the Ooma power the download would continue uninterrupted. So I reconnected PC1 to the Ooma home port and I still have internet connection problems and I still have problems with the 2wire pages not coming up.
When I first connected the Ooma I could see the Ooma listed on my 2wire Home Network with some note about DMZ. Now I see one connection listed as just an IP address with no DMZ note and there is no connection for my PC1. I don't really understand networks and I've been reading lots of posts here. But I don't understand why it looks like my Ooma and PC1 are fighting over the same IP address. That would also explain my internet connectivity issues with PC1. I have no idea how to fix this or why this has happened. I have rebooted all devices many times in the order stated in the manual. The internet connectivity issues occur with no Ooma calls. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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